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High-end equipment manufacturing industry to the value chain, to go to seek a breakthrough development

High-end equipment manufacturing, to say, a symbol of a country's core competitiveness, related to the country's economic and national security; into the small, the relationship to the survival and development of industries and enterprises. Chery Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Jin-Fu Wang, general manager of the company and other equipment manufacturing industry has recently in an interview said that the past 10 years, China's machinery industry rapid development, China has become a veritable equipment manufacturing country, but not equipment manufacturing powerhouse, but to achieve by to dream must be to improve the capability of independent innovation, accelerate the development of to promote independent high-end equipment manufacturing industry. Wang Jinfu said: in the identification of a country's machinery industry is strong, people care more about several aspects of the performance - whether mastered the core technology of independent intellectual property rights, whether they have strong technical capacity of major equipment, whether compared with high share of high-end equipment, the major technical equipment variety and quality is a world leader in fact, is to look at the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, how.


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